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US TV The Fantastic Four (1967-1970 series) on Boomerang, check local listings

Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm were exposed to cosmic rays on a 
space flight and given fantastic powers.  Reed could stretch his body like a rubber band
and became Mr. Fantastic.  Sue could turn invisible and create force fields and became
the Invisible Woman.  Johnny could ignite his body into fire without pain and became the
Human Torch.  Ben Grimm mutated into a rock-skinned creature called the Thing.  Together
they protect mankind as the Fantastic Four.


original airdates: Sept 9, 1967-Mar 15, 1970 on ABC
later airdates: Oct 1992-1999 on Cartoon Network, Apr 2, 2000-Apr 29, 2001, Sept 3, 2001-
   present on Boomerang
episodes: 19
animated by: Hanna-Barbera
distributed and owned by: Warner Bros. and Turner Entertainment and Marvel Enterprises

EPISODE GUIDE (order uncertain)
#01 Menace of the Mole Men
#02 Diablo
#03 The Way It All Began
#04 Invasion of the Super-Skrull
#05 Klaws & The Red Ghost (each 15 minutes)
#06 Prisoners of Planet X
#07 It Started On Yancy Street
#08 Three Predictions of Dr. Doom
#09 Return of the Moleman
#10 Danger In the Depths
#11 Demon In the Deep
#12 Behold a Distant Star
#13 Rama-Tut
#14 Blastarr, the Living Bomb-Burst  
#15 The Micro World of Dr. Doom
#16 The Terrible Tribunal
#17 The Mysterious Molecule Man
#18 Galactus 
#19 The Deadly Director

Jack Flounders as the Human Torch/Johnny Storm
Paul Frees as the Thing/Ben Grimm
Gerald Mohr as Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards
Jo Ann Pflug as the Invisible Girl/Sue Richards

THE NEW FANTASTIC FOUR original airdates: Sept 9, 1978-Sept 1, 1979 on NBC episodes: 12 animated by: DePatie-Freleng distributed and owned by: ? and Marvel Enterprises note: The Human Torch was not in this series because the network believed a man on fire would be bad for kids. The Human Torch was planned to be in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends but NBC still did not like the idea of a flamming man, so Firestar was born. EPISODE GUIDE (order uncertain) #01 A Monster Among Us! #02 The Menace of Magneto #03 The Phantom of Film City #04 Medusa and the Inhumans #05 The Diamond of Doom #06 The Mole Man #07 The Olympics of Space #08 The Frightful Four #09 Calamity On the Campus! #10 The Impossible Man #11 Meet Doctor Doom #12 The Final Victory of Doctor Doom VOICE ACTORS Ted Cassidy as the Thing/Ben Grimm Mike Road as Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards Ginny Tyler as the Invisible Girl/Sue Richards Frank Welker as Herbie the Robot
THE FANTASTIC FOUR original airdates: 1994-1996 in syndication (as part of the Marvel Action Hour with Iron Man) later airdates: 1997-1998 in syndication (as part of the 30 minute Marvel Super-Heroes rotating with episodes of Iron Man), 1998-1999 on UPN (as part of the hour long The Incredible Hulk and Friends, where the Fantastic Four rotated with Iron Man in the second part of the show) episodes: 26 animated by: Marvel Films distributed and owned by: New World Entertainment/Marvel Enterprises The Fantastic Four (1994-1996 series) is currently not on US television EPISODE GUIDE 1st Season (1994-1995) #01 The Origin of the Fantastic Four Part 1 #02 The Origin of the Fantastic Four Part 2 #03 Now Comes the Sub-Mariner #04 Incursion of the Skrulls #05 The Silver Surfer and the Coming of Galactus Part 1 #06 The Silver Surfer and the Coming of Galactus Part 2 #07 Superskrull #08 The Mask of Doom Part 1 #09 The Mask of Doom Part 2 #10 The Mask of Doom Part 3 #11 Mole Man #12 Behold the Negative Zone #13 The Silver Surfer & the Return of Galactus 2nd Season (1995-1996) #14 And a Blind Man Shall Lead Them #15 Inhumans Saga Part 1: And the Wind Cries Medusa #16 Inhumans Saga Part 2: The Inhumans Among Us #17 Inhumans Saga Part 3: Beware the Hidden Land #18 Worlds Within Worlds #19 To Battle the Living Planet #20 Prey of the Black Panther #21 When Calls Galactus #22 Nightmare In Green #23 Behold, a Distant Star #24 Hopelessly Impossible #25 The Sentry Sinister #26 Doomsday VOICE ACTORS Edward Albert as Silver Surfer (2nd season) Lori Alan as the Invisible Woman/Sue Richards and Malice Gregg Berger as Mole Man Keith David as the Black Panther/T'Challa Michael Dorn as Gorgon Ron Feinberg as Terrax (2nd season) Quinton Flynn as the Human Torch/Johnny Storm (2nd season) Ron Friedman as Blastaar Brad Garrett as Hydro-Man Benny Grant as Rick Jones Brian Austin Green as the Human Torch/Johnny Storm (1st season) Mark Hamill as Maximus the Mad and Sentry Jamie Horton as Psycho Man Kathy Ireland as Crystal Tony Jay as Galactus and Terrax Clyde Kusatsu as Annihilus and Karnak Joan Lee as Miss Forbes Pauline Arthur Lomas as Alicia Masters Chuck McCann as Ben Grimm/The Thing Leeza Miller as Nova/Frankie Ray Iona Morris as Medusa Alan Oppheheimer as Firelord and Uatu the Watcher Ron Perlman as the Hulk/Bruce Banner and the Wizard John Rhyes-Davies as Thor Neil Ross as Dr. Doom (1st season-2nd voice), the Pupper Master and Super Skrull Robin Sachs as Silver Surfer (1st season) Simon Templeman as Dr. Doom (2nd season) James Warwick as Namor the Sub-Mariner Beau Weaver as Foo-Foo, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards and the Trapster John Vernon as Dr. Doom (1st season-1st voice)
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