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HEATHCLIFF SUMMARY: Heathcliff is a tough cat, who trashes anyone that gets in his way. So don't confuse him with lazy Garfield! The first animated Heathcliff series by Ruby-Spears, teamed him up with Dingbat and later Marmaduke. The more popular DiC series featured Heathcliff with the Cats and Company, a group of junkyard felines led by Riff Raff. HEATHCLIFF AIRED IN THESE SERIES: HEATHCLIFF AND DINGBAT original airdates: Oct 4, 1980-Sept 5, 1981 on ABC episodes: 13 (26 Heathcliff shorts and 26 Dingbat shorts) EPISODE GUIDE Heathcliff shorts: ? Dingbat shorts: (incomplete list) French Friend Facas Window Washouts Health Nuts Treasure Haunt Showbiz Shenanigans Services Station Screwballs Bungling Babysitters Detective Ding-A-Lings Nautical Noodnicks Batty Boo-Ticians Retail Ruckus Creep Crop Crack-Ups No News Is Ghoul News Carnival Cut-Ups Nutty Knights High Flying Fools Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow Football Flunkies It's a Snow Job For a Creep Lumbering Loonies HEATHCLIFF AND MARMADUKE original airdates: Sept 12, 1981-Sept 18, 1982 on ABC episodes: 13 (26 Heathcliff shorts and 26 Marmaduke shorts) EPISODE GUIDE ? later airdates: (for previous two series) 1994? on The Family Channel and 1995-1996? on Cartoon Network animated by: Ruby-Spears Enterprises distributed and owned by: Warner Bros. and Turner Entertainment, character owned by McNaught Productions VOICE ACTORS ?
HEATHCLIFF original airdates: 1984-1989 in syndication later airdates: 1989-1993? on Nickelodeon, 1993-1994? on The Family Channel and Aug-late 1998, June-July 1999 on FOX Family Channel episodes: 81 animated by: DiC distributed and owned by: LBS and DiC, character owned by McNaught Productions format: One Heathcliff cartoon and one Cats and Co. cartoon EPISODE GUIDE (order unknown) 1st Season (1984-1985) NOTE: first episode title Heathcliff and the second Cats and Co. King of the Beasts & Cat Can Do Teed Off & Monstro Vs. the Wolf Hound Hospital Heathcliff & Hector's Takeover Going Shopping & Cat In the Fat Soap Box Derby & A Better Mousetrap Pop On Parole & The Babysitters Service With A Smile & Junk Food Star of Tomeow-meow & Soccer Anyone NOTE: For the following episodes I do not know which Heathcliff cartoon aired with which Cats and Co. cartoon. Please if you have any episodes on tape look and see which titles aired for each episode! Heathcliff Episodes: An Officer and an Alley Cat The Mad Dog Catcher The Gang's All Here Be Prepared Say Cheese A Piece of the Rock The Super M.A.C. Menace Spike's Slave Tally Ho, Heathcliff The Great Tuna Caper Sealand Mania Trombone Terror Meow Meow Island Heathcliff Gets Canned Lard Times Claws The Big Break In Baby Buggy Bad Guys The Siamese Twins Kitten Smitten Pumping Iron Big Top Bungling Family Tree Raiders of the Lost Cat Snow Job The Great Pussini Heathcliff's Double Sonja's Nephew Butter Up! The Catfather Cat Food For Thought Terrible Tammy Brain Sprain Used Pets Lion-Hearted Heathcliff Revenge of the Kitty Cat Burglar Heathcliff Flying Heathcliff Heathcliff's Middle Name Rebel Without A Claws Gopher Broke Spike's Cousin Heathcliff Reforms Where There's An Ill There's A Way Bilzzard (exists?) City Slicker Cat Chauncey's Great Escape Copa Ca Heathcliff The Home Wreckers Heathcliff's Pet Smoke Gets In My Eyes Bamboo Island Momma's Back In Town Boom Boom Pussini Grandpa Vs. Grandpa May the Best Cat Win (pilot) Heathcliff's Surprise Phantom of the Garbage Wildcat Heathcliff Cats and Co. Episodes: Big Game Hunter Journey to the Center of the Earth Junkyard Flood A Camping We Will Go Beach Blanket Mungo Big Foot Carnival Capers Cats Angels Cat Balloon Circus Berzerkus Cleo Moves In Condo Fever Cruisin' For A Bruisin' Debutante Ball Divide and Clobber Dr. Mousetus For the Birds Games of Love Going South Harem Cat Hector Spector Hector the Detector House of the Future In Search of Catlantis Iron Cats Jungle Vacation Kitten Around Kitty Kat Kennels Leroy's In Love Lucky's Unlucky Day Much Ado About Bedding Mungo Gets No Respect Mungo Lays An Egg Mungo's Dilemma Pecos' Treasure Prehysteric Riff Raff Riff Raff the Gourmet Riff Raff's Mom Scardey Cats Search for a Star Space Cats Super Hero Mungo Swamp Fever The Big Swipe The Comedy Cat The Farming Life Ain't For Me The Meow-Sic Goes Round and Round The Merry Pranksters The Mungo Mash The Other Woman Trash Dance Whackoed Out Who's Got the Chocolate? Wishful Thinking Yes, Sewer, That's My Baby Young Cat With A Horn 2nd Season (1985-1986) Something Fishy & Christmas Memories NOTE: format unknown for these episodes Heathcliff Episodes: The Whitecliffs of Dover Nightmare In Beverly Hills The Shrink In the Beginning The Cat and the Pauper Rear Cat Window Spike's New Home Dr. Heathcliff and Mr. Spike Feline Good Heathcliff Gets Framed North Pole Cat It's A Terrible Life NY City Sewer System Hair of the Cat Heathcliff's Mom Spike's Coach Cat Day Afternoon Fortune Teller Break an Egg Missing In Action Cats and Co. Episodes: A Letter to Granny Bag Cat Sings the Blues Brushing Up Cat Days, Ninja Nights Catlympic Cat Cottontails, Chickens and Colored Eggs He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother Hector the Protector High Goon Hockey Pucks Leroy Gets Canned Life Saver Mungo the Jungle Mungo's Big Romance Off Road Racer Repo Cat Tenting Tonight The Cat In the Iron Mask The Trojan Cadillac Time Warped MOVIE Heathcliff the Movie (1986) VOICE ACTORS Mel Blanc (died in 1989) as Heathcliff (1st season) Noel Blanc as Heathcliff (2nd season) Donna Christie as Cleo and Iggy Nutmeg Stan Jones (died in 1998) as Riff Raff and Wordsworth Marilyn Lightstone as Grandma Nutmeg and Sonja Derek McGrath as Spike Danny Mann as Hector Ted Ziegler as Grandpa Nutmeg, Leroy and Mungo
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