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original airdates: Sept 21, 1986-Fall 1987 in syndication 
episodes: 13
animated by: Sunbow Entertainment and Marvel Productions, Ltd.
distributed and owned by: Sunbow Entertainment and Hasbro Toys, Inc.
note: the first two episodes originally aired in the Super Sunday/Super Saturday block 
   with Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines, Jem (1st season) and Robotix.

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Herc Armstrong leds the Earth Core against the Inhumanoids, monsters that are from the
center of the Earth.  The Earth Core consists of Herc, Auger, Dr. Bright, Liquidator, 
Sandra Shore and T.A.N.K.  They use their environmental suits and vehicles to journey 
beneath the Earth's surface to battle the Inhumanoids.  Meltar, Tendril and D'Compose are 
huge monsters that threaten mankind.  Helping the Inhumanoids is the evil Blackthorn Shore, 
Sandra's brother, who wants to use the monsters for his own benefit.  Also, the Mutores, 
another race of monsters fight the Inhumanoids.  Interesting to note, the TV reporter
Hector Ramirez, who appears in Inhumanoids, also appeared in a few G.I. Joe and Jem 

#01 The Evil That Lies Within Part 1 (9/21/1986)
#02 The Evil That Lies Within Part 2 (9/28/1986)
#03 The Evil That Lies Within Part 3 (10/5/1986)
#04 The Evil That Lies Within Part 4 (10/12/1986)
#05 The Evil That Lies Within Part 5 (10/19/1986)
#06 Cypheroid 
#07 The Surma Plan 
#08 Cult of Darkness 
#09 Negative Polarity 
#10 The Gargoyle 
#11 Primal Passion 
#12 The Masterson Team 
#13 Earth's Darkest Hour 

Michael Bell as Blackthorne Shore and Eddie "Auger" Augutter 
William Callaway as Dr. Herman Mangler/Nightcrawler and Jonathon "Liquidator" Slattery  
Richard Gautier as Crygen and Pyre/Magnakor and Senator Masterson (in some episodes)
Ed Gilbert (died in 1999) as Metlar and Senator Masterson  
Chris Latta (aka Christopher Collins, died in 1994) as D'Compose, Statesman Grana-Q and Tendril
Neil Ross as Herc Armstrong, Hector Ramirez and T.A.N.K.  
Stanley Ralph Ross as Redlin, Redsun and Redwoods 
Richard Sanders as Dr. Derek Bright  
Susan Silo as Cypher/Cypheroid and Sandra Shore
John Stephenson as General Granetary and Granok

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