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MY LITTLE PONY original airdates: 1984 and 1985 specials and 1986 theatrical movie EPISODE GUIDE 30 MINUTE SPECIALS My Little Pony: Rescue at Midnight Castle Parts 1 & 2 (1984, later called Firefly's Adventure on video) My Little Pony: Escape From Catrina Parts 1 & 2 (1985) MOVIE My Little Pony: The Movie (Summer 1986)
MY LITTLE PONY 'N FRIENDS original airdates: Fall 1986-Fall 1990 in syndication and on WGN later airdates: 1992-1995 on Disney Channel episodes: 61 (My Little Pony segments only each 15 minutes) format: One fifteen minute My Little Pony short followed by either a Glo Friends, Potato Head Kids and later Moondreamers shorts. EPISODE GUIDE (segments each 15 minutes, order uncertain) 1st Season (1986-1987) "The End of Flutter Valley" ten parts "The Ghost of Paradise Estate" four parts "The Glass Princess" four parts "Bright Lights" four parts "The Return of Tambelon" four parts "The Magic Coins" four parts "Woe Is Me" two parts "Fugitive Flowers" two parts "Baby, It's Cold Outside" two parts "Crunch, the Rockdog" two parts "The Revolt of Paradise Estate" two parts "Through the Door" two parts "Pony Puppy" "Sweet Stuff and the Treasure Hunt" "Little Piece of Magic" "Mish Mash Melee" "Would Be Dragonslayer" "The Great Rainbow Caper" 2nd Season (1987-1988) "The Quest of the Princess Ponies" four parts "The Golden Horseshoes" two parts "Flight To Cloud Castle" two parts "Somnambula" two parts "Spike's Search" "The Ice Cream Wars" "The Prince and the Ponies"
MY LITTLE PONY TALES original airdates: 1992-1995 on Disney Channel episodes: 26 note: This series was based on all new characters only sold in the UK EPISODE GUIDE (segments each 15 minutes, order uncertain) "Slumber Party" "Too Sick to Notice" "Battle of the Bands" "...And the Winner Is" "Stand By Me" "The Tea Party" "The Masquarade" "Out of Luck" "The Play's the Thing" "Shop Talk" "The Impractical Joker" "The Great Lemonade Stand Wars" "Blue Ribbon Blues" "Roll Around the Clock" "Princess Problems" "An Apple For Starlight" "Up, Up, and Away" "Sister of the Bride" "Birds of a Feather" "Send In the Clown" "Happy Birthday, Sweetheart" "Gribet" "Bon Bon's Diary" "Just For Kicks" "Ponies In Paradise" "Who's Responsible?" VOICE ACTORS Charles Adler as Spike Susan Blu as Lofty Nancy Cartwright as Gusty Katie Leigh as Fizzy Ginny McSwain as Megan Sarah Partridge as Wind Whistler
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Dream Valley: A Collector's Guide to My Little Pony
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