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orignal Japan airdates: The Macross Saga: 1982-1983 as "Super Dimensional Fortress 
   Macross"; The Robotech Masters Saga: 1984 as "Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross";
   and The New Generation Saga: 1983-1984 as "Genesis Climber Mospeada"
original US airdates: 1985-1986 in syndication
later airdates: 1993-1994? on Sci-Fi Channel, Jan 1998-Oct 1998 and July 10, 1999-
   Jan 2, 2000 (only episodes #1-60) on Cartoon Network 
episodes: 85
animated by: Tatsunoko Productions, Ltd.
distributed and owned by: Harmony Gold USA

Robotech is currently not airing on US television.
ADV Films has released all episodes of Robotech on DVD.  Check your local video stores for the new DVDs!

Robotech is actually three anime series edited and made to be watched as one.  
1ST SERIES: THE MACROSS SAGA (episodes #1-36)
In the year 1999, an alien space craft crash lands on Macross Island and alters the 
course of human history!  Ten years later, the ship is rebuilt and its advanced 
robotechnology is applied to the Earth army's weapons and vehicles.  At the launching
ceremony of the alien ship, called the SDF-1, a group of aliens called the Zentraedi
attack.  Rick Hunter is caught in the middle of it and joins the Robotech Defense Forces
to defend the ship from alien invaders. 
After the war with the Zentradei is over a new threat looms as the Robotech Masters, the
creators of the SDF-1 and the genetic engineers of the Zentraedi come to Earth.  Dana
Sterling daughter of Max Sterling (a character in the Macross Saga) leads her Robotech
15th Squadron in battles with the Robotech Masters.
After the Robotech Masters are defeated, the Invid, a vicious race of aliens take over
Earth.  Scott Bernard, the last of his crew of Robotech defenders, joins with a group
of freedom fighters to destroy the Invid and free the Earth.

THE MACROSS SAGA from "Super Dimensional Fortress Macross" (1982-1983)
#01 Boobytrap
#02 Countdown
#03 Space Fold
#04 The Long Wait
#05 Transformation
#06 Blitzkrieg
#07 Bye-Bye Mars
#08 Sweet Sixteen
#09 Miss Macross
#10 Blind Game
#11 First Contact
#12 The Big Escape
#13 Blue Wind
#14 Gloval's Report
#15 Homecoming
#16 Battle Cry
#17 Phantasm
#18 Farewell Big Brother
#19 Bursting Point
#20 Paradise Lost
#21 A New Dawn
#22 Battle Hymn
#23 Reckless
#24 Showdown
#25 Wedding Bells
#26 The Messenger
#27 Force of Arms
#28 Reconstruction Blues
#29 The Robotech Masters
#30 Viva Miriya
#31 Khyron's Revenge
#32 Broken Heart
#33 A Rainy Night
#34 Private Time
#35 Season's Greetings
#36 To the Stars

THE ROBOTECH MASTERS SAGA from "Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross" (1984)
#37 Dana's Story
#38 False Start
#39 Southern Cross
#40 Volunteers
#41 Half Moon
#42 Danger Zone
#43 Prelude to Battle
#44 The Trap
#45 Metal Fire
#46 Star Dust
#47 Outsiders
#48 Deja Vu
#49 A New Recruit
#50 Triumvirate
#51 Clone Chamber
#52 Love Song
#53 The Hunters
#54 Mind Game
#55 Dana In Wonderland
#56 Crisis Point
#57 Daydreamer
#58 Final Nightmare
#59 The Invid Connection
#60 Catastrophe

THE NEW GENERATION SAGA from "Genesis Climber Mospeada" (1983-1984)
#61 The Invid Invasion
#62 The Lost City
#63 Lonely Soldier Boy
#64 Survival
#65 Curtain Call
#66 Hard Times
#67 Paper Hero
#68 Eulogy
#69 The Genesis Pit
#70 Enter Marlene
#71 The Secret Route
#72 The Fortress
#73 Sandstorm
#74 Annie's Wedding
#75 Separate Ways
#76 Metamorphosis
#77 The Midnight Sun
#78 Ghost Town
#79 Frostbite
#80 Birthday Blues
#81 Hired Gun
#82 The Big Apple
#83 Relfex Point
#84 Dark Finale
#85 Symphony of Light

Robotech II: The Sentinels (1986) Takes place between episodes #36 and #37 and shows 
Rick and Lisa's wedding.  Pilot movie for an all-new animated Robotech series that wasn't 
meant to be. (Available on Streamline Home Video) 

Robotech The Movie: The Untold Story (1986) Takes place before episode #37.  Uses scenes
from "Megaroad-23" and "Southern Cross".

Also available: Robotech the Perfect Soundtrack Album 2 CD set (1996) Contains all the 
background music and songs used in the Robotech series.

Larry Abraham as Bowie Grant
Jonathan Alexander as Breetai
Robert Axelrod as Rico
Michael Bradley as Lancer (singing voice)
Bill Capese as Robotech Master
Frank Catalano as Rand
Ardwright Chamberlain as Zor Prime and Corg
Cam Clarke as Max Sterling and Lancer (speaking voice)
Mary Cobb as Annie LaBelle
Lara Cody as Jason and Kim Young
Richard Epcar as Ben Dixon, Grel and Lunk
Greg Finley as Henry Gloval and Anatole Leonard
Eddie Frierson as Lynn Kyle
Barbara Goodson as Marie Crystal and Sera
Alex Gregory as Robotech Master
Melore Harte as Musica
Alexandra Kenworthy as Azonia and the Regis
Steve Kramer as Angelo Dante
Ted Layman as Exedore
Wendee Lee as Vanessa Leeds
Susie London as Rook
Melanie MacQueen as Lisa Hayes and Marleen (real one and clone)
Kerigan Mahan as Sean Philips
Michael McConnaghie as Rolf Emerson
David Millbern as Louie Nichols
Edie Mirman as Miriya Parina Sterling (in TV series) and Nova Satori
Deena Morris as Sammy Porter
Iona Morris as Claudia Grant
Melissa Newman as Dana Sterling
Tony Oliver as Rick Hunter
Mearle Pearson as Admiral Hayes 
Mike Reyonolds as Dolza
J.J. Smith as the Narrator (in TV series)
Greg Snegoff as Dr. Lang, Khyron and Scott Bernard
Reba West as Lynn Minmei 
Dan Woren as Roy Fokker
Tom Wyner as Jonathan Wolff

MACROSS RELATED SERIES: (Set in Macross continuity NO ROBOTECH!) Super Dimension Fortress Macross the Movie: Do You Remember Love? (1984) Movie version of the Macross series. (Available on home video in Japanese with subtitles and very bad English dubbing.) Macross II: The Movie (1992) Takes place 80 years in the future with all-new characters but the same Macross formula. Awesome animation. (Available in 3 volume set or full version from Manga Video.) Macross Plus (1994) All-new Macross action set in 2040. Dueling pilots fight for the affections of their former girlfriend. Even more awesome animation! (Available in 4 volume set on home video and 2 volume set on DVD from Manga Video.)
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