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original airdates: Oct 4, 1980-Sept 18, 1982 on ABC
later airdates: Apr 9, 1983-Sept 8, 1984 on NBC, 1980s on USA Network, 1992-1998 on
   Cartoon Network, Apr 2, 2000-Apr 8, 2001, May 6-28, 2001, Sept 3-30, 2001 on 
episodes: 21
animated by: Ruby-Spears Enterprises
distributed and owned by: Warner Bros. Television and Turner Entertainment

Thundarr the Barbarian Airing Times
US TV Boomerang, a new channel from Cartoon Network

In the year 1994, Earth is ravaged by a meteor passing in between the Earth and the moon.
The moon was ripped in half and human civilization is destroyed.  2,000 years later,
Earth is reborn, in a world of savagery and sorcery.  The humans are enslaved by evil
sorcerors.  Thundarr the Barbarian with his sun sword, leds Princess Ariel and Ookla the 
Mok to fight demons and wizards.

EPISODE GUIDE (exact order uncertain)
1st Season (1980-1981)
#01 Secret of the Black Pearl 
#02 Harvest of Doom 
#03 Mindok the Mind Menace 
#04 Raiders of the Abyss 
#05 Treasure of the Moks 
#06 Attack of the Amazon Women 
#07 The Brotherhood of Night 
#08 Challenge of the Wizards 
#09 Valley of the Man-Apes 
#10 Stalker From the Stars 
#11 Portal Into Time 
#12 Battle of the Barbarians 
#13 Den of the Sleeping Demon 

2nd Season (1981-1982) 
#14 Wizard Wars 
#15 Fortress of Fear 
#16 Island of the Body Snatchers 
#17 City of Evil 
#18 Last Train to Doomsday 
#19 Master of the Stolen Sunsword 
#20 Trial by Terror 
#21 Prophecy of Peril 

Nellie Bellflower as Ariel 
Henry Corden as Ookla the Mok 
Bob Ridgely as Thundarr 

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Thundarr the Barbarian
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