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Bluegrass's SilverHawks Campaign!
A Branch of CybertOOn's CartOOn Campaign!

"Tally Ho!"
17th Anniversary 1986-2003

UPDATE: <01.24.2003>


SilverHawks returned to Cartoon Network airing from Sept 2000-Mar 2001. The show had not been re-aired since the 1980s and it was great to catch it again. It's time for its second return. Contact Cartoon Network and ask them to put the show back on either their line-up or on their new sister channel, Boomerang! E-mail Cartoon Network and tell them to return the show!
More preferably write a letter to CN: CARTOON NETWORK C/O PROGRAMMING DEPARTMENT or C/OTOONAMI or C/O BOOMERANG 1050 TECHWOOD DRIVE NW ATLANTA, GA 30318 Visit their websites:


See a SilverHawks episode guide at the Cartoon Resource Website


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This site is made by CyberCircle Asylum Productions, an informal company of teens and young adults who have nothing better to do with their time but reminiscence about their childhood cartOOns and are wondering, why aren't they on tv again!
The SilverHawks are owned by Lorimar-Telepictures and Warner Bros. Television.

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